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  掌握写作常用的利弊观点表达,再回答Advantage & Disadvantage的题目就能轻松多了!各位同学在使用过程中可以替换部分词汇来达到更贴近主题的目的。


  1. offer a sense of job satisfaction andsecurity 带来工作的满意感和安全感

  2. lay a solid professional working experience 积累扎实的工作经验

  3. reduce/cut down expenditure 削减支出

  4. increase/generate job opportunities 创造就业机会

  5. meet/satisfy personalized needs 满足人性化的需求

  6. promote talent introduction and exchange 促进人才的引进与交流

  7. keep skills fresh and up-to-date 保证技术的不落伍

  8. better/promote/enhance/further human resource development 完善人力资源的发展

  9. lay a solid foundation for 奠定坚实的基础

  10. pave the way for the future/development 为未来铺平了道路

  11. foster a sense of competition and cooperation 培养合作感与竞争感

  12. cultivate the spirit of team working 培养团队合作精神

  13. master interpersonal skills 掌握人及关系技巧

  14. widen one’s knowledge 拓宽知识面

  15. enrich one’s social and life experience 丰富社会与人生经历

  16. enlarge one’s view/broaden one’s horizon 拓宽视野

  17. realize the value of life 实现人生价值

  18. surmount/overcome/win over /master difficulties 克服困难

  19. grasp good communication skills 掌握人际交流技巧

  20. remove misunderstanding and discrimination 消除误解与歧视

  21. keep balance between work and family 保持事业与家庭的平衡

  22. raise the standard of living提高生活水平

  23. penetrate every corner of our life and be impressive 贯穿生活的每一个角落而且是印象深刻的

  24. improve cultural integration and globalization促进文化的整合与全球化

  25. enrich people’s spiritual life 丰富人们的精神生活

  26. promote social skills and competence 提高社交技巧与能力

  27. strengthen the family ties促进家庭团结

  28. cultivate a strong sense of responsibility 培养强烈的责任感

  29. bring joys and comforts to sb带来愉悦与舒适

  30. usher in a brand-new life-style引入全新的生活方式

  31. relieve the pressure of 缓解压力

  32. maintain the community stability 保持社会的稳定

  33. improve the utilization rate of energy resources提高能源的利用率

  34. make full use of充分利用

  35. satisfy people’s needs/meet the demands of people 满足人们的需求

  36. promote the development of relative industries促进相关产业的发展

  37. stimulate domestic needs刺激国内需求

  38. impel economic development促进经济的发展

  39. generate jobs, income and tax revenues扩大就业机会,提高收入

  40. enhance mutual understanding促进相互的理解

  41. boost local development促进当地的发展

  42. promote cultural exchange and cooperation促进文化的交流与合作

  43. enrich one’s experience of life 丰富人生经历

  44. strengthen the ties with outside world加强与外面世界的联系

  45. realize the sustainable development ofresources实现能源的可持续发展

  46. foster a climate of peace and prosperity营造和平繁荣的气氛

  47. stimulate our feelings of togetherness 激发团结

  48. maintain a natural balance 保持自然平衡

  49. reduce the labor intensity 降低劳动强度

  50. stimulate one’s imagination and interest in sth 刺激人们的想象里与兴趣

  51. accelerate the flow of information 加速信息的流动

  52. provide more business opportunities 提供商机

  53. increase the productivity 提高生产力

  54. create more opportunities for education 创造受教育的机会

  55. improve educational conditions 改善教育条件

  56. release people from hard manual work 使人们从繁重的体力劳动中解脱出来

  57. speed up technical innovation 加速技术革新

  58. better the development of human society 完善人力资源的发展

  59. promote the social inclusion 提高社会的包容度

  60. bring immeasurable economic benefits 带来巨大的经济效益


  1. put sb or sth at risk 使……冒风险

  2. be a serious setback for the career development对职业发展是一个严重的挫折

  3. be lack of a sense of job security 缺乏工作的安全感

  4. distract sb from doing sth 是某人从某事中分心

  5. impose a heave strain on 带来巨大的压力

  6. be exaggerated and cheating 夸大且欺骗的

  7. be the invasion of privacy 侵犯隐私

  8. violate rights of free speech侵犯言论自由的权利

  9. endanger social stability and safety 危害到社会的稳定与安全

  10. restrain sb from doing 限制某人做某事

  11. arouse resistances in the public 引发公众的对立

  12. be very orthodox in one’s behavior 行为正统

  13. be incompatible with the present work与当前的工作不融合

  14. go astray 误入歧途

  15. undermine local culture 破环当地文化

  16. jeopardize the safety and stability of the society 破坏社会的安全与稳定

  17. set a bad example to 树立坏的榜样

  18. lead to the extinction of some species 导致一些物种的灭绝

  19. result in shortage of energy and natural resources导致能源的短缺

  20. be irreparable and irreversible damage 不可修复性的破环

  21. to cause the estrangement/isolation/alienation between A and B 导致了 A与B之间的疏远

  22. bring disgrace on sb 为……带来耻辱

  23. suffer heavy losses 损失惨重

  24. easily cause stress-related illnesses 容易导致与压力相关的疾病

  25. lack basic infrastructures 缺乏基础设施

  26. break the ecological balance 破环生态平衡

  27. lead to extravagant waste of public funds 导致公共资金的极度浪费

  28. make… in disorder 使混乱

  29. be detached from 脱离……

  30. be harmful to our physical and mental and health 损害身心健康

  31. lead to degradation of social atmosphere 世风日下

  32. further widen the gaps between the rich andthe poor 进一步加大贫富之间的差距

  33. be the drying up of our limited natural resources and the deterioration of the environment 有限的自然资源的枯竭和环境的恶化

  34. contaminate environment 污染环境

  35. generate electromagnetic radiation and jeopardize human health 产生电磁污染而且危害人类健康

  36. bring about the risks such as computer virus,nuclear leakage, biological weapons, global warming, exhaustion of natural resources and extinction of many plant and animal species 带来很多风险,比如电脑病毒,核泄露,生化武器,全球变暖,自然资源的枯竭以及很多动植物物种的灭绝

  37. be a root of all evils 万恶之源

  38. be easily taken in by 容易被欺骗

  39. aggravate the traffic jams and worsen the crowdedness 使交通堵塞和拥挤更为恶化

  40. will pay a high price for this negative development of 为……的负面发展付出高昂的代价。